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Donate Flowers

Each and every donation we receive can make a difference and brighten the life of someone in a care facility. Due to the fragility of floral donations and the manner in which the flowers will be delivered and used, we can only accept the following type of floral donations:

  • Large-scale arrangements with a stem length of 6 to 10-inches (or longer)
  • To make the greatest impact possible, we require a minimum of 10 arrangements
  • Arrangements should be in an easily transportable container
  • Before pick-up, arrangements should be removed from any special containers by your florist

If you have any specific questions regarding your donation, please contact us or speak with your florist.

Thank you for considering a donation of floral arrangements to The Forget Me Not Foundation. It is only through the kindness of others that we can continue our mission to spread the joy of flowers to thousands of people in need.

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