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“I wanted to just drop you a note and tell you I saw my flowers at St. Paul's yesterday when I went to visit my Auntie. Thank you again for all your hard work and efforts to make Mother’s Day a bit brighter for many, many people.”

Kathy Wright
Kathy Wright & Company Floral Design

Q: I’d like to donate the flowers after my event, what do I do?
A: Simply contact the Foundation and we will handle all the details for you.

Q: Is there a cost to me associated to this donation?
A: There is a cost associated with donating your floral arrangements to the Foundation. We ask that you consider a donation equal to 10% of your tax savings. Please see below for an example:

If your floral donation represents a value of $10,000
And your Federal and State tax bracket is 33% & 9.55%
Then your expected tax savings would be $4,255
Then your suggested donation to the Foundation is $425

Q: May I receive photos from some of the places the flowers are sent?
A: Yes, the Foundation will send you digital photos from some of the locations where the flowers were delivered. However, we may not be able to send photos of patients and residents due to Federal privacy laws.

Q: I would like my flowers to go to a specific medical facility, can you do that?
A: Yes, provided the facility is within a reasonable driving distance and is able to accept the donation.

: How can I take advantage of the tax deductible donation?
A: The Foundation will provide you with: a copy of the billing statement from the florist; the number of facilities donated to; a letter acknowledging your kind donation and a brief description of the flowers received. Your tax advisor can help you establish value of the donated items and the ultimate tax savings to you.

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