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“Thank you for sending the wonderful gift of flowers to our residents at Magnolia Special Care. This afternoon we disassembled the bouquet and used it for the afternoon activities. Then the flower arrangements were distributed to some residents and nursing stations.”

Yoshi Moritani, Activities Director
Magnolia Special Care Center

As an extension of our personal commitment to enhancing the lives of our community, The Forget Me Not Foundation was established to provide residents and patients of nursing homes, hospitals and other medical facilities with donated, freshly cut flowers and professionally created bouquets.

The beauty of floral donations can be enjoyed all over again as residents utilize bouquets to brighten their living spaces or enjoy them as part of a group activity. The result is a recreational, joyful and therapeutic activity that enhances the quality of life and physical, emotional and mental dexterity of those it touches.

The valuable role that leisure plays in the lives of patients and the elderly is increasingly recognized by gerontologists and care specialists. Therefore, in addition to floral donations, we also offer floral design instruction, entertainment and performing arts to further enhance the experience for these individuals.

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