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Forget Me Not Foundation Selected as Recipient of Lincoln Automotive Event

Lincoln Automotive has selected the Forget Me Not Foundation as the recipient of its test drive event April 25-26 in San Diego at the Mission City Corporate Center.

Local residents are invited to test drive a Lincoln vehicle of their choice at the Lincoln display located in front of 2365 Northside Drive at the "Center Circle." Lincoln will donate $10 to The Forget Me Not Foundation on behalf of each participant, as well as complimentary lunch from the gourmet MIHO Gastrotruck (main entree, side and beverage) on-site.

Location: 2365 Northside Drive, San Diego CA 92108
Event Dates: April 25-36
Event Times: 10:00am-5:00pm daily

About the Forget Me Not Foundation

The Forget Me Not Foundation was established to enhance lives through the gift of flowers to those in nursing homes, hospitals and other medical facilities. These bouquets – which might otherwise go to waste – spread joy to those who receive them.

The beauty of floral donations can be enjoyed all over again as residents utilize bouquets to brighten their living spaces or enjoy them as part of a group activity. The result is a recreational, joyful and therapeutic activity that enhances quality of life. Gerontologists have increasingly recognized the role such recreational activities play in the lives of patients and the elderly.

The name of the foundation, the Forget Me Not Foundation, captures its broader purpose in bringing care and attention to those in nursing homes and medical facilities who may at times feel forgotten by society. The Forget Me Not Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit organization.

To help support its long-term growth, you can join the Forget Me Not Foundation online community at

For more information, contact us directly at 619.584.3459 or visit


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