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The Forget Me Not Foundation Spotlighted by Leading Regional Charity

Young foundation not forgotten by one of San Diego’s preeminent charitable organizations


SAN DIEGO, November 5, 2010 -- The San Diego Foundation, a 35-year old regional leader in philanthropy, has involved the Forget Me Not Foundation in its annual gala honoring major financial supporters. The foundation will donate its floral table centerpieces from its Saturday (November 6) event to the Forget Me Not Foundation.

The floral donations from the San Diego Foundation are in the spirit of the Forget Me Not Foundation’s own day-to-day operations.

The Forget Me Not Foundation offers event organizers the ability to donate flowers when their events are over. The foundation then ensures that the floral assortments, rather than being thrown away, go to hospital patients and nursing home residents.

The medical facilities use the donated bouquets for recreational and occupational therapy activities. The flowers promote among patients and residents a sense of well-being, improved cognitive reasoning, enhanced manual dexterity and companionship.

The San Diego Foundation has asked the Forget Me Not Foundation to provide place cards describing its mission for the table setting of each gala attendee.

Bill Stone, co-founder of Forget Me Not Foundation, said “We are very excited to be involved with this important event for San Diego’s philanthropy community. We have great respect for the San Diego Foundation and the work it does for nonprofit organizations throughout the region.”

About the Forget Me Not Foundation

The Forget Me Not Foundation was established to enhance lives through the gift of flowers to those in nursing homes, hospitals and other medical facilities. These bouquets – which might otherwise go to waste – spread joy to those who receive them.

The beauty of floral donations can be enjoyed all over again as residents utilize bouquets to brighten their living spaces or enjoy them as part of a group activity. The result is a recreational, joyful and therapeutic activity that enhances the quality of life. Gerontologists have increasingly recognized the role such leisure plays in the lives of patients and the elderly.

The name of the foundation, The Forget Me Not Foundation, captures our own broader purpose. We aim to bring care and attention to those in nursing homes and medical facilities who may at times feel forgotten by society. The Forget Me Not Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit organization. For more information, contact us directly at 619.584.3459 or visit

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